Inside look at the 2013 GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10.

Powerhouse singers Adele and Beyonce chatted between commercial breaks, while Justin Timberlake was joined by wife Jessica Biel before taking the stage to perform songs from his upcoming album.

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart sat beside Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Lena Dunham hugged her guitarist beau Jack Antonoff after Fun. took home two awards: “Song of the Year” and “Best New Artist”. The Girls actress was also seen enjoying a laugh with Taylor Swift.

Ellen DeGeneres posed with Taylor before joking around with Katy Perry about her revealing gown. John Mayer walked the carpet solo but reunited with his girl inside for the ceremony. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert also made it a date night.

Rihanna cozied up to Chris Brown during the telecast, where she performed not once, but twice — the first time for her latest single “Stay” and later as part of a tribute to Bob Marley alongside Bruno Mars, Sting and Ziggy Marley.

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    fuck chris brown for bot standing up when frank got his award.. he’s a douche lol
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